ShaunSocial release: the social network framework for building content-driven community


Today, we are extremely pleased and excited to announce our new product ShaunSocial. This is not an upgrade of the current product mooSocial, it is a completely new product and serves those who want to build a content-oriented social network like twitter, only fans…. .

The launch of ShaunSocial helps enrich options for our customers. We will continue to maintain and develop all mooSocial’s current products/plugins and will invest time and resources to develop ShaunSocial to develop both platforms into the best and most popular platforms.

Advanced Technologies for building Web and Apps in ShaunSocial

We use the latest technology to develop ShaunSocial with the goal of building a platform that is simple, fast, highly secure, friendly to all types of devices and can automatically expand/scale to serve a large number of people and high concurrent visitors.

For the front end, we design the interface in a simple, content-oriented style, friendly to all devices using Vue.js technology.

For the backend, we use laravel framework, a very popular platform and is being used by many developers. This helps you easily find developers when you want to change or develop new features to change ShaunSocial to suit your business model.

For mobile apps, we use flutter, the world’s most popular mobile app development framework.

Mobile apps and front end communicate with backend through API.

Regarding database, we use MariaDB and MySQL

To experience Shaulsocial in detail, please refer to the demo for web and apps here.