Our Founding Team

Mark Phan
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Mark is founder of the SociaLOFT company. He is currently CEO of the company and product owner of mooSocial and Shaun platform, the open-source social networking software that provides a tool for individuals and organizations to create an online social media website with apps.
Mr. Mark graduated from the University of Technology, HCMC in 2002. He has more than 20 years of experience in software development. He specializes in developing social platforms and building niche Social network websites with mobile apps.
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Tung Vu
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Meet Tung Vu, our Founder & Chief Technology Officer at shaunSocial.
💼 Over a decade of experience in "social networking software," along with expertise in cloud computing, open source tech, and scalable systems.
Tung excels at:
✨ Catalyzing architectural evolution for enhanced platform flexibility and robustness.
🏗️ Designing architectures for clients ranging from traditional systems to data warehousing, big data solutions, open source setups, and cloud-native applications.
With shaunSocial, Tung's mission is to create:
🚀 Fast and efficient solutions.
📱 Simple and user-friendly experiences.
Join us as we follow Tung's journey to make technology accessible and enjoyable for all users.
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Andree Bui
UI/UX Designer Leader
Andree is a senior UI/UX designer with over 10 years of experience in creating user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interfaces for various digital products. I have a passion for design and a keen eye for detail, and I enjoy solving complex problems with innovative solutions.
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Nhan Nguyen
Project Manager
Nhan Nguyen who works among Clients, BA, UX UI Designer, Developers, Front-end developers, Testers to build projects and ensure it reaches the most successful index. She has over a decade of experience in software development.
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Nhan Trong
Mobile Team Leader
Nhan is mobile team leader. He has strong experience in mobile platforms.
With more than 10 years developing and using mobile cross-platform framework like phonegap, react-native, flutter,... He used flutter as the main core of ShaunApp. Flutter(created by Google) will make applications fast , flexible, high-performance.
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Anh Quoc
DevOps & Security Leader
Anh Quoc is the Devops and Security team leader. Many years of experience in providing system deployment and security solutions for many platforms. Helps optimize server system costs while giving applications maximum performance.
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Nhu Nguyen
Test Leader
Nhu Nguyen is a test leader who manages the testing process for various software projects. She leads effective testing teams and sets the testing scope and strategy for each release or delivery. She also allocates and manages testing resources and plans and executes testing activities for different engagements.
With a solid background in programming, she identifies and resolves bugs and errors, and proposes solutions to ensure the quality of the software products and meets the customer expectations. She also improves the testing process and practices in her organization. She stays updated with the latest trends and technologies in testing and software development.
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Vincent Vu
Frontend Team Leader
Vincent is a passionate and experienced frontend developer with a strong focus on creating user-friendly and visually appealing websites. He strives to deliver seamless and engaging user experiences.
He has an understanding of modern web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He is proficient in using popular frontend frameworks like React or Vue to build dynamic and interactive user interfaces. His attention to detail ensures that your social network platform will be responsive, accessible, and optimized for various devices and screen sizes.
But it doesn't stop there. He also has a keen eye for design aesthetics, ensuring that your social network platform not only functions flawlessly but also looks visually stunning. He has experience in creating intuitive navigation systems, engaging user profiles, real-time messaging features, and much more.
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I give it 10 stars if I could. Mark and his team provide excellent customer support and best of all, the best social network software on the market. Your time and money will not be waste if you go with this company. Other softwares are full of bugs but this one is a winner!

Reviewed by Julian Hughes


I searched years for a good script, tried many out there, ans spent hard earned money looking for a great script to have a small social site. I was ready to quit, then happened across moosocial. It was a dream come true. You don't have to be a coder to have a great light script.

Reviewed by Mikailah

You have questions, we have the answers

Anyone looking to start an online community business like tiktok, instagram, twitter…. can use Shaun.
No, Shaun License does not expire. It is a perpetual license and you can use our software indefinitely
Yes, all updates are free to download as long as your software update subscription is active. Each license includes a 12 months update subscription
You can renew your update subscription for a minimal cost. Otherwise, you can continue using the software on your site.
No, you have 100% access to the source code
Yes, you can do whatever modifications that you wish.
Absolutely not. Unlike other products, we do not force you to have our branding on your site
Yes, we do provide custom theme & development service. Please contact us for more details
Currently, we accept Paypal, Visa/Master card (via Paypal), Western Union and MoneyGram
PHP 8.1+
MySQL 5+
PHP extensions: Ctype, cURL, DOM, Fileinfo, Filter, Hash, Mbstring, OpenSSL, PCRE, Tokenizer, XML, GD, Zip
Memory Limit: 128M+
We do offer an upgrade installation service, the cost of the upgrading service will depend on how many hours we need to spend to re-apply any customizations you've made so far.
Shaun is built using the latest technology so that it’s very fast and scalable. The concurrent users that it can handle is primarily dependent on the capabilities of your server and your server configuration.
You will receive your download information very shortly after purchase.
Absolutely. In fact, we never see or store your billing information on our servers. Your information is processed via paypal secure payment gateway.
Each license is valid for a single public installation of the software, regardless of domains. You are of course welcome to create a private copy for development purposes.
Yes, every installation of Shaun requires a license. However, you are entitled to create a second private installation for development purposes provided it's not publicly accessible.
Please check the refund policy here
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