Customization Service

Want a unique feature? A specialized plugin? Don’t want to wait for the new product version? or even some simple changes to make existing feature matches with your business processes and model?

Sure! Our Customization Team will develop it for you quickly and efficiently. The customization is developed by highly qualified developers from ShaunSocial team who understand ShaunSocial ’s architecture and execution. So, the deliverable will be security guarantees and peace-of-mind in meeting the specific needs of the customer.


Plugin Development/Customization

Develop a ShaunSocial  plugin that meets your requirements or customize of any existing ShaunSocial plugins to fit your business model

Project Development

Have a project in mind, we can be your back-end development team who help you from developing ideas, create a mockup & design and implement the whole project then support you to make sure your site runs smoothly after it’s launched.


  • Get the requirements from the customer and clarify it to make sure that we’re on the same page. We will use a mockup/wireframe tool…to clarify.
  • Estimate time and cost to implement the requests.
  • Create project milestones (release plan and payment milestones)
  • Implement the requests and test at the staging site.
  • Customer will do acceptance test at staging site
  • Bug fixing and doing improvements/changes follow the testing + feedback. 
  • Upload all changes to the customer's server and open the site/apps whenever it’s tested and approved by the client.
  • 60 days of maintenance
Affordable Rate
Our custom development & design rate is just $30/h. Please contact us to get your project started.
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Other Services

Integration service
With the RESTful API, it’s very easy and simple to integrate ShaunSocial with your existing tools or platforms to make them
Hosting Setup
We can consult the hosting requirement that fits your current requirements and set up auto-scaling based on server usage if you need to. We can also help you troubleshoot the hosting issues and install the missing extension when using ShaunSocial.
Migrate existing users to ShaunSocial
Want to switch to ShaunSocial and want to keep all existing users? Yeah, this is a service that you can use to  import all users from your Mighty Networks, Datingscript, Ning, phpFox, SocialEngine, wowonder… site to ShaunSocial.
Custom design service
We will help you to design a professional, unique landing page and a whole new UI redesign for all pages to make the whole site match with your identity.

You have questions, we have the answers

Anyone looking to start an online community business like tiktok, instagram, twitter…. can use Shaun.
No, Shaun License does not expire. It is a perpetual license and you can use our software indefinitely
Yes, all updates are free to download as long as your software update subscription is active. Each license includes a 12 months update subscription
You can renew your update subscription for a minimal cost. Otherwise, you can continue using the software on your site.
No, you have 100% access to the source code
Yes, you can do whatever modifications that you wish.
Absolutely not. Unlike other products, we do not force you to have our branding on your site
Yes, we do provide custom theme & development service. Please contact us for more details
Currently, we accept Paypal, Visa/Master card (via Paypal), Western Union and MoneyGram
PHP 8.1+
MySQL 5+
PHP extensions: Ctype, cURL, DOM, Fileinfo, Filter, Hash, Mbstring, OpenSSL, PCRE, Tokenizer, XML, GD, Zip
Memory Limit: 128M+
We do offer an upgrade installation service, the cost of the upgrading service will depend on how many hours we need to spend to re-apply any customizations you've made so far.
Shaun is built using the latest technology so that it’s very fast and scalable. The concurrent users that it can handle is primarily dependent on the capabilities of your server and your server configuration.
You will receive your download information very shortly after purchase.
Absolutely. In fact, we never see or store your billing information on our servers. Your information is processed via paypal secure payment gateway.
Each license is valid for a single public installation of the software, regardless of domains. You are of course welcome to create a private copy for development purposes.
Yes, every installation of Shaun requires a license. However, you are entitled to create a second private installation for development purposes provided it's not publicly accessible.
Please check the refund policy here
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