ShaunSocial 1.1 official release


We are extremely excited to inform you that Shaunsocial 1.1 has been officially released. This new version brings you significant improvements including Pages plugin, eWallet plugin, payment gateway plugin, currency management plugins and many other small improvements.

Besides, we also focused on fixing many bugs discovered from the previous version. 

Here are the details

New plugins

Pages plugin, see more details about the features of pages plugin at

eWallet plugin, see more details about the features of eWallet plugin at 

Payment gateway plugin:  Paypal and Stripe online payment gateway, more details please check at 

Currency manager plugin, see more details at 

Featured a business page subscription, see more details at page, see more details at

Small improvements

Discovery page Enhancement: Activities on the discovery page will be displayed based on the number of recent interactions and are randomly displayed to create the feeling for users that the data is always updated.

Active feed item Enhancement: Images displayed in activity feeds will be displayed full size instead of being zoomed in as currently.

Added “What do you want to talk about” block at header of the main feed for member to click on to start sharing a new post

Subscription: Added “Featured page” subscription to allow members to subscribe to recurring packages to set a business page as featured.

Chat plugin

Added reply a message and Unsent feature

On web, Allow to copy multiple messages at same time

Added option to send file when chatting

Stories plugin

Send notification to followers whenever a new story is posted

When adding a new text story -> auto show text box for members to start typing instead of clicking on a button to activate it

Added “view count” for a story

Theme manager

Added option for admin to edit darkmode color of the theme.

Admin panel

Added recommended size for all images (logo, og, cover…..)  inside the admin panel for Admin to know what is best size to upload

Home feed setting: Add option for admin to select what will show at “home page”

  1. Show updates from all members
  2. Show updates from following members and hashtag

Below are some importance notes for the new version:

  1. New versions are available to download at client area and at codester. Check demo of the new version here
  2. Mobile apps are not fully compatible with version 1.1 yet. Don’t upgrade if you have apps also. We’re working on apps now and try to get it released in June
  3. ShaunSocial cloud: Ready to upgrade. Contact us to request for upgrading.

DO NOT upgrade your live site and app until you have a full backup of your site’s files, database and have successfully performed a test upgrade on your development (test) site first.

We do provide upgrading service also. Please contact us here for more details

ShaunSocial Team