Reply To: Features to consider:

mikel coreclark


I agree with the statement in principle. I have had social media sites in the past from several creators. Being honest, i found them all to be lacking in ambition. I also requested and promoted the idea of a ShaunSocial style site for 4 years with 3 of the top creative companies and got nowhere. searched for 3 years for a script like ShaunSocial. I used to have Moosocial aslo and when shaunsocial was released i swapped over and have not regretted it .

ShaunSocial is original, small, dynamic in its own way and yes there are always things that can be improved. To do this all site admins need to play our part in embracing SocialLoft (shaunsocial) and help with ideas and direction.

As far as discovery, i find that it is the users/members that make a site dynamic and exciting. (example: if members post normal insignificant posts or comments the site looks not interesting and not dynamic) So admin has to encourage excitement and drive dynamic posts. Admin can do this by creating dynamic posts and content to encourage members. Other sites do this by employing influencers / promoters and algorithms to promote certain posts and influence a members choice of what to follow or view and create feedback and posts of a similar content. and so creating trends.

Those of us that dont have $$$$$ in the bank have to think different and be the influencer / promoter and create our own dynamic content and encourage members.

To be honest, ive been on most other sites like twitter, insta, FB, WA and honestly, i find that most of all trends are not by the normal member, but by paid influencers and promotors and algorithms. most of the content i think to myself is Trash and garbage, and it is only made a trend because posts are pushed on to members to view and just because it auto plays like a video, it classes it as a viewer choice and a trend is created so other people look at it and the trend gets bigger. I mean… how funny is a cat falling into a box after 3, 6, 10 or 100 times of seeing it.
Trends arent trends because the content is funny, Its a trend because the algorithms post it to all members and so the fake viewing count increases until it gets to the “golden number” (about a 1/4 to a third of the sites population) then people share it and the trend is created.