Setup AWS, Digital Ocean or Dedicated Server for ShaunSocial


Setup AWS, Digital Ocean or Dedicated Server for ShaunSocial


Do you need help to configure AWS/Dedicated server/Digital Ocean to run ShaunSocial smoothly? You can purchase mooSocial setup and Installation on Amazon Could (AWS)/Dedicated server. Here is what we will do

• Setting up your Amazon EC2 instance/Dedicated server according to mooSocial system requirements
• Installing mooSocial on Amazon EC2/Dedicated server (or migrating your current website to Amazon EC2 as the case may be).
• Domain mapping: Mapping your website’s domain to your Amazon EC2 instance/Dedicated server
• You may ask us to do some or all of the above in this service.

Please enter the following info into order notes when purchasing this service:

1) Hosting Information (Cpanel/FTP/SSH/Client account)

  • Login IP / Domain
  • Username/Password


*  This service is normally completed in 12 to 24 hours


Support Time Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-5:30 PM, GMT+7

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Refund Policy

Refunds are happily granted if and only if all the following 3 requirements are met:

  • Refund is requested within 7 days of original purchase
  • Essential functions of the product do not work on your site
  • Purchased Product cannot be properly installed on your social website (We need ftp and site admin account info to verify this if the purchased project is installed by you or other developers but it does not work properly)

Otherwise, all sales are final.