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    Reported by https://demo.shaunsocial.com/@hikari

    Errors on the website:

    -Text is too large in vertical.
    Errors in the mobile app:

    -Liking and adding a post to favorites is too slow; on TikTok, it’s faster (it doesn’t interact directly with the server to confirm the process).
    -Videos in the app have default sound; they should start muted. Also, when you mute and scroll to view other posts, videos still play sound. If you mute or unmute, all videos in the app should follow the same pattern, not individually.
    -Commenting or sending a message should be possible by pressing enter on the phone keyboard. Sending messages should also be a quick experience. Although Facebook doesn’t seem fast either, they simulate that the message was sent until the server confirms delivery—small things that make a difference.
    -Long responses to comments.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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