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    mikel coreclark


    Verify Me #2

    Verify Me (current process) new member sign up. member not need to be verified. If new member wants to be verified, member requests “verify Me”. Member then submit identification document, Admin now need to check documents with government agencies from many countries taking several days or weeks and $ £ expense.
    Having Yoti or Twilio will take upto 120 seconds to verify.

    Feature: Verify Me (integration)
    Integrate with: Government Authorized Agency. Example: Twilio or (Yoti , operates in several countries with government approval and licenses).
    Status: Security
    Process: for Yoti, Yoti have a script that is installed in site script server side. much like paypal integration or a standard plugin, i think ?,
    Process: when new member signs up, member submits Identification document. Yoti integration automatically processes and checks document with government agency database (from several countries) and confirms or denies document.
    Confirmed = member ok to join site. (Verified)
    Denied = member can not create account on social site.
    Reason: several countries (including UK) are now making legal requirement that social media sites have identification process and members need to provide true valid authentic identification documents at point of signup process. This process combats online abuse and criminality also makes unanimity (fake identity) almost impossible.

    Idea reason: If such a integration could be possible for future feature or consideration.

    Many Thanks


    Hi Mikel,

    Thanks for suggestion, it’s auto verification thru api provided by paid service provider like Twilio or Yoti….It’s quite expensive for site owner to pay for this I think. Let me consider and may be will try to integrate with twillo first to see how it goes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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